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Snowmobile & ATV Expo at Paviljonki
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At the same time of Snowmobile and ATV Expo there is also a big family event in Paviljonki. The event includes pets, books, food and wine.

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Snowmobile and ATV Expo is to be held at Jyväskylä Paviljonki Exhibition hall C2.

In Expo you can view latest snowmobile, ATV and equipment as well as other versatile exhibition program.

Entry for Snowmobile and ATV Expo is possible with tickets which you'll automatically are to be given when purchasing tickets. There is also own refreshment area available.

Opening hours:
- Friday 10am to 8pm
- Saturday 10am to 6pm

Information for Snowmobile and ATV Expo presentators
- Exhibition area rental price 30€/m2
- Outer area reantal price 10€/m2 (limited amount of space)

- 3m X 3m = 9m2 = 270€
- 6m X 3m = 18m2 = 540€
- 6m X 6m = 36m2 = 1080€

Smallest area is 3m x 3m = 9m2. Price doesn't include any structures, electricity, carpet or furniture. There must be fire alarm in every tent, shelter or transport equipment. You can drive your transport to exhibition hall for loading or unloading procedures.

Additional services:
- Electricity - Click for more information
- Carpets - Click for more information
- Structures - Click for more information
- Walls and doors - Click for more information

Exhibition cards for presenters:
- Under 10m2: 2 pieces
- 10-18m2: 5 pieces
- 18-36m2: 8 pieces

Schedules for assembly and disassembly
- Thursday from 4pm to 8pm
- Friday from 8am to 10am
- Saturday disassembly from 6pm to 8pm

Contact us for more information

mr. Marko Panula
tel. +358 40 550 7318
email. marko (at)

mr. Henry Ahola
+358 40 961 8179
email. henry (at)